Kebab Queen reigns: founders of Maison Bab unveil new restaurant in Covent Garden

The Mercers’ Company has announced that founders of modern kebab house, Maison Bab, have unveiled their new restaurant – Kebab Queen – at 4 Mercer Walk. 


Located behind the illuminated façade of a British kebab shop, Kebab Queen is situated in the basement of Maison Bab, allowing diners to enter through the prep kitchen. Created by designer Angus Buchanan, Kebab Queen is an extension of the stainless steel walls accentuated by pastel pink curtains and pink tiled concrete floor, with a number of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Serving a £60 seven-course tasting menu, diners are invited to take their place on one of only ten luxurious, cobalt blue, leather-clad stools around the open kitchen.

The idea is the culmination of four years’ work for owners Stephen Tozer and Ed Brunet alongside Manu Canales – Manu was the previous sous chef of Le Gavroche. Manu will lead the proceedings at Kebab Queen, whereby each evening he will take guests through the dishes served within the open kitchen. The concept of Kebab Queen encourages an uninhibited approach to dining; guests will rip, tear and eat with their hands, in a ritual that pays homage to late-night kebabs.

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Sous Chef, Manu Canales, commented on this exclusive experience: “Kebab Queen is the pinnacle of our project. The piquancy, umami and smokiness of the kebab really lend themselves to reinterpretation. We’re creatively pairing Middle Eastern flavours with meticulous classic technique. But we want visitors to relax and get stuck in; it’s about combining the intense flavours of high end dining with the communal, elbow-to-elbow fun of the kebab shop.”

Simon Taylor, Property Director at The Mercers’ Company added: “Following the launch last year, Maison Bab has proved extremely popular with visitors and is a key footfall generator for the estate, so we are extremely excited to see what the team have in store for their new opening of Kebab Queen. The launch of the Kebab Queen restaurant pays homage to our strategy of selecting brands that really think about how they engage with their customers, and the new brand provides a point of difference for visitors looking for a unique dining experience.”

Kebab Queen will open to the public in early April, with private hire available.

Knight Frank acted for The Mercers’ Company and Kebab Queen represented themselves.


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