#LoveNotLandfill Presents the Most Beautiful Pre-Loved Fashion in Seven Dials, London

Fashionistas take note:  14-17th November 2019, eco-fashion campaign #LoveNotLandfill will be championing pre-loved fashion at a unique Seven Dials, London pop-up store featuring collections from charity shops curated by some of fashion’s most style-savvy influencers.

Check out the Barnardo’s Collection by Emma Breschi; Cancer Research UK Collection by She Wears Fashion; The Oxfam Collection by Elizabeth Whibley; The Royal Trinity Hospice Collection by Oenone,  plus depop sellers Past Trash and Youth ID and a special menswear collection gathered from all the charities curated by sicckm8.

Each influencer has chosen 500 pieces from their partner charity, which will be sold by at the #LoveNotLandfill pop-up store with all profits going straight to the charities.  Expect designer labels you know and love at shockingly affordable prices, plus one-off gems - that is the beauty of preloved fashion.

As well as the place to discover the most on-trend sustainable fashion in London, the store will be a space to find out more about eco-fashion and the climate emergency with notice boards, talks and demos. People can bring along old and damaged clothes to donate via a #LoveNotLandfill exclusive Bambi-designed clothes bank and the Clothes Doctor will have a mend and repair station offering alterations and showing fashion lovers how to repair and upcycle their clothes.

Also expect special guest DJs and other events to be announced nearer the time.

Hannah Carter from the #LoveNotLandfill campaign said: “The sustainable fashion movement is gaining traction. More and more young people are concerned about climate change and want to get involved, whilst still looking great in beautiful clothes.  Our messaging at #LoveNotLandfill is very clear: Buy second hand, never put clothes in the bin (take them to a charity shop or put in a clothes bank) and care for your clothes so they last.”

But there are still some hurdles to get over when persuading fast fashion lovers to buy second-hand. A survey by WRAP for #LoveNotLandfill found that 1 in 3 young people in London won’t buy clothes that have been worn by someone else - but a recent report from C40 Cities shows that if we want to reduce the carbon emissions of the fashion industry and help to keep global warming at 1.5°, we can only buy 3 new items of clothing per year[1].

Charities such as Oxfam and Barnardo’s have hugely promoted buying second-hand instead of new in the past six months with campaigns such as #secondhandseptember and #SingleUseFashion which flooded Instagram with high profile influencers styling trend-leading second-hand looks. Along with Royal Trinity Hospice and Cancer Research UK, they continue to support the #LoveNotLandfill mission to get young people in London to try second-hand first.

Samantha Bain-Mollison, Head of Retail at Shaftesbury, the landlord which has provided the space for the #LoveNotLandfill pop-up: “We love the work of #LoveNotLandfill and are delighted to be able to support them. We are dedicated to supporting environmental and sustainability causes throughout Seven Dials and think the #LoveNotLandfill pop-up will be an exciting activation with a great message.”

Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues, added: “Tackling the climate emergency demands action across all sectors and London’s fashion industry needs to lead by example. Fast fashion has seen an increase in the consumption of low-cost clothing, leading to more waste. Recycling clothes and reclaiming fabrics like the many items in this pop-up shop will lead to a significant reduction in waste as well as reducing the environmental impact.”

The #LoveNotLandfill Pop-Up Store will be open from Thursday 14th November to Sunday 17th November at 47-49 Neal Street, Seven Dials, WC2H 9PZ. Click here for more info.

Opening times: Thursday 14 Nov 11am-9pm; Friday 15 Nov 10am-8pm; Saturday 16th Nov 11am-8pm; Sunday 17 Nov 11am-6pm.


The Influencers:

  • Emma Breschi – stylist and activist

  • Kavita Donkersley (She Wears Fashion) – fashion and lifestyle blogger and lover of vintage and second-hand style.

  • Oenone – podcaster and change-making influencer

  • Elizabeth Whibley – Fashion Textile Designer and Influencer

  • Sicckm8 – Vintage clothes expert, thrifter, stylist and YouTuber.

  • Youth ID – broadcaster and depop seller

  • Past Trash – vintage clothing collectors and depop sellers

  • Bambi – anonymous Street Artist

About #LoveNotLandfill:

In the UK 38 million items of new clothing are bought every week and 11 million items go into landfill. The #LoveNotLandfill campaign, co-funded by the EU and London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), aims to help encourage fast fashion fans to buy second-hand, swap, recycle and give to charity. It aims to encourage 16-24-year-old Londoners never to throw an unwanted item of clothing in the bin. #LoveNotLandfill clothes banks can be found in key shopping locations across London to make giving to clothes banks easier.  https://www.lovenotlandfill.org/

About LWARB:

The London Waste and Recycling Board is a partnership of the Mayor of London and the London boroughs to improve waste and resource management. The city’s economic and environmental future depends on a transition to a low-carbon circular economy, and LWARB works to ensure that London’s businesses, local government and communities thrive by helping them make the very best use of resources and materials. 

About ECAP:

The European Clothing Action Plan is a project funded through the EU Life instrument, that brings environmental and economic benefit to the clothing sector. Its holistic approach encompasses sustainable design, production, consumption, public procurement, collection and recycling through to reprocessing.  Partners in the project are WRAP, London Waste & Recycling Board (LWARB), the Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI), Rijkswaterstaat and MADE-BY. The project focuses on the clothing supply chain specifically to reduce waste and to bring about effective waste recovery. 

About EU LIFE:

The ECAP project is supported with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community. 

About Seven Dials
Seven Dials is home to 95 shops, including international flagships and concept stores, renowned beauty and grooming salons as well as over 90 vibrant cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, and a thriving residential community. The area comprises of Monmouth Street, Earlham Street, Neal Street, Shorts Gardens, Neal’s Yard, Endell Street, Shelton Street, Mercer Street and the Seven Dials Sundial Pillar.